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Statewide Homecare

Licensed, Insured & Trusted Providing care to South Florida since 1999

Licensed, Insured & Trusted Providing care to South Florida since 1999

Licensed, Insured & Trusted Providing care to South Florida since 1999Licensed, Insured & Trusted Providing care to South Florida since 1999Licensed, Insured & Trusted Providing care to South Florida since 1999

Our Services



Cooking your meals can be tedious work. Although it is much easier to open a can, or pop a meal into the microwave oven, we can agree that it may not be the healthiest of nutrition.  Our trained Homecare Companions cook nutritious meals giving you the peace of mind knowing  your loved ones are having healthy meal options, cooked right at home. Following a proper diet plays a key role in managing your health. Our trained staff will ensure that the meals prepared are geared toward the specific diet needs of your loved one. Nothing better than a home-cooked meal... Made with Love 

Shopping and Errands


Part of ensuring proper nutrition for your loved one, is making sure he or she has all the necessary ingredients.  Our trained Homecare Companions will accompany your loved one on his or her grocery shopping trips, or they will take care of the shopping for you. at the local market of placing an online order for delivery.  Our loving staff will also pick up prescriptions, get the mail, go to the post office, and take your pet to the groomer.  Our Homemaker Companions see to it that they are Done with Love, all you have to do is ask!



Our caregivers can also accompany your loved one to a Beauty Salon or Barber Shop appointment,  doctor's visit, church or  exercise class.  Our Homemaker Companions will make sure your loved one arrives safely, asks all the necessary questions and best of all, he or she will not be alone.  All of our Homemaker Companions have a valid driver's license and are fully insured. Our services provide you with the option of using your loved one's own vehicle or the Homemaker Companion can use their own.



Keeping up with the laundry, dusting, vacuuming and mopping may be too much work for any senior.  Impaired vision may make it even more difficult.  Whether your loved one is looking for daily light housekeeping, or needs a more in-depth cleaning,  Statewide Homecare can tailor your care plan to suit their needs. 

Medication Reminders


Homemaker Companions can help with self-administered medications by reminding your loved ones to take their medications. Simply having someone around to remind them can help avoid your loved one forgetting to take their medications or double up on medications.  By law, a Homemaker Companion is NOT allowed to administer any medication but will make sure the task is completed by providing reminders when medications are due. 

Safeguard Visits


Not all family members need nor require daily assistance. Sometimes, a daily, weekly or even monthly visit to make sure Mom and Dad are doing well is what will give you peace of mind. Statewide Homecare Homemaker Companions provide a full report that may include if desired pictures and videos of your loved ones and their living environment following each visit. 

As part of the Safeguard Visit, Homemaker Companions use a complete checklist to ensure nothing is overlooked on their visits. 

Other Services Done With Love

Answer the phones read mail errands daily phone calls lawn mowing watering organization pay bills

  • Answer the phone, Assist with placing calls, Read the mail
  • Daily phone call to check on loved one
  • Watering Lawn  / Plants
  • Closet and drawer organization
  • Scheduling Appointments,  Paying Bills

Home Security Packages

home security camera surveillance personal emergency response unit CCTV remote camera viewing elder

Statewide Homecare offers several home security packages for your peace of mind. 


Safeguard Visits

Peace of Mind

A safeguard visit offers peace of mind. Not every  person requires daily services, sometimes a visit once or twice a week is enough. Seniors living alone risk falls and other accidents, mental stress due to isolation, loneliness, and medication errors. A safeguard visit ensures your loved one's home is checked for safety and ensures that they are doing well. After each visit, the caregiver will either call or email you to make sure you know your loved one is safe and secure.